As you review this months meeting it should be noted that the City of Granda have entered into a Purchase Order with the owner of the Concrete Crushing business. The same business referenced in July and the operations dumping on Ken’s property. I have reached out to the city for details on the intended use and the financing of this purchase. As of posting of this I have not received a response back. There has been to publishing of the intent to purchase. And discussion during meeting is strangely absent from all agendas and approve minutes.

If your like many you know we get flooded every year and a storm sewers get clogged with fines from the grain bins and other debris. An still no money to help us out. But hey Ken can now swim in his pool. If the rest of us could be so lucky.

I know this is kind of unprofessional. I am expected to be better but still no matter how involved I get I cant help but think nothing changes. Enough said. Progress is slow in government.

Attend, vote and make your voice present. It is only one night a month. Every first Tuesday.