There are a couple of clarifications to the meeting that may not be clear from just looking at the Agenda or listening to the audio. So I will try to fill in some of the off line back story. There is a lot to unpack here so bare with me.

The Letter from Traci Schultz came on the heals of a letter issued by the Cain’s a week before regarding irregularities regarding the application of uneven enforcement of the cities ordinances. Mainly the sole exclusion of Maday Farms. This while many others like the Schultz were targeted for no apparent reason and were major topics of discussion month after month. This “Spread” between the community importance and that of individuals interest were on full display.

On June 12th a letter to the council was issued as a result of damage caused by the operations of the grain storage expansion. The private issue regarding the damages is not at issue here but what is at issue was the enforcement of city ordinances, rules and permit stipulations. Traci’s letter hits this on the head. The issue is how the City of Granada responds to complaints regardless if it is burning trash, dumping concrete dust or destroying private property due to mismanagement of farm operations. The underlining message is don’t complain or you will be retaliated either verbally or as in my case and a few others with the actual possibility a member of the council contacting your employer to demand you NOT complain. At least one resulted in the direct loss of employment. And they didn’t show up that night to complain.

To Traci’s comment about Post recordings, yes it has gotten much better since the recording and publishing started. However it should be known that these recording did generate a “Cease and Desist Notice” from the City Counsel to take down the on the grounds of confusion of site format and possible infringement of Mark or CopyRight for the geographical location Granada Minnesota. All false but that is another story. The pattern is again repeated here; if you have a complaint about the Gain operations you should expect some form of retaliation.

Getting back to the letter from the Cain’s, you can hear in the audio the City Attorneys comments in response to enforcement of the 2014 Stipulation, nuisance and neighbor sign-off and the Mayors response to the install of a vascular system. This was nothing more than a horse and pony show for the Cain’s. In short the City Attorney advised a “Do nothing” approach. As of August the letter has still yet to come from the City Attorney as promised. We suspect this has something to do with the next item happening during the meeting.

This second item dove tails into Traci’s letter on the 26th and the demand for even enforcement of ordnance, permits and rules from the Cain’s. At the start of the meeting a letter to the City, their Attorney and the Fairmont Sheriff’s office referenced only as “Counsel Eyes Only” was provided. This letter outlined a result of the police report on June 11th and the letter sent to the City of Granda demanding action be taken to address equal enforcement. The City answered this letter by sending the Mayor to stop any further complaints by enlisting a local AG business to withhold $2,000,000 in business from my employer or have me agree and I quote “Stop sending the City letters”. What you hear in the audio file is the Lawyer reading the letter and not able to respond. That is all that was discussed.

This brings us to the last point you may not have caught. The permit request from Maday Farms for yet one more 100,000 bushel gran bin to be added to the site. A permit approved by the counsel with almost no consideration for the town. This on top of the suspected self dealing reported to the counsel only days before and discussed by the City Attorney. There can be a multi month meeting taking hours of discussion on building a deck or a fence set back. Yet no discussion at all on building a massive noise making, smell inducing and pollution building in the center of town. This with documented expectations for the current operations not met.

Making this worse is the need to clean up your yard, remove trash or remove junk cars. But damage to private property by one operation is off limits and expansion is unquestionable.

To add insult to injury you can hear the Mayor discussing the time frame of the build. Not until next year.

It should be known that election of two of the counsel members are up this year and that by July of next year the counsel could very well consist of people not so willing to allow the operations to expand.

I understand there is a lot to take in. But it comes down to this. If you don’t attend, if you don’t vote and you don’t get involved with the City you should expect a few people to use the resource of the city to get what they want not what you want. This has never been more obvious then what is about to happen in the August meeting.

You need to attend, send letters and register your concerns. Do this politely and don’t assume it is being done intentionally until you know it is. We get the government we vote for. 2020 is proof this.

Now will somebody just scream “Jumanji” so we can all get back to normal.