Hearing: Capital Improvements Granada

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2020: In the mix of one of the worst recent winter storms of 2020, an event forcing the closing of business early …

August 4th, 2020 Council Meeting

As you review this months meeting it should be noted that the City of Granda have entered into a Purchase Order with the owner of …

July 7th, 2020 Council Meeting

There are a couple of clarifications to the meeting that may not be clear from just looking at the Agenda or listening to the audio. …

Town Meeting

May 5th, 2020 Council Meeting

Town Meeting

April 7th, 2020 Council Meeting

Town Meeting

March 10th, 2020 Council Meeting

  • 02-12-20 Meeting                       February 2020 Meeting

    • Motion to have Open Book Meeting at Assessors Office: 4/23/2020
    • Motion to pay for Judicial Ditch #1, #22 and #41
    • Comments from Derrick Greiner (Canceled)
    • Wage for Tevi for covering for Kathy
    • Payments for fire hydrant damage
    • Replace Ceiling Tile for City Hall.
    • Update on 2020 Multi-hazard Mitigation plan meeting:
    • Next meeting is on Primary date.  Changed to March 10th @ 5:30pm
    • Letter from Butch and Kay Rowan.


Proposed Draft Ordinance Number 36, Building and Zoning

Template-Notice and Order to Repair, Raze, or Remove

Legal Commication 1 of 2

Legal Commuication 2 of 2



  • 01-03-20 Meeting                         January 2020 Meeting

    • Q&A with Derrick Greiner, New City Attorney
    • Motion to Allow council member to work for the City.
    • 5G Verizon Tower install.
    • Water Connection Fees Going Up.



  • 12-03-19 Meeting                        December 2019 Meeting

    • City attorney Jim Wilson notification resignation as of 12/31/19.
    • Review changes to building permit form.
    • Darren Maday on behalf of Maday Farms. Justification for continued pollution of the town based on EPA.  (Hand out after adjournment.)


  • 11-05-19 Meeting                   November 2019 Meeting

    • Maday Farms runoff water filling up the Ditch and freezing.
    • UPDATE: Discussion on Building permits and property Lines.
    • Terry Schultz’s Rocks.  Review of options to remove them.
    • School looking for City to Sand parking lot.
    • Fire hydrant east of School has Crack.


  • 10-02-19 Meeting and 09-11-19 Special Meeting                   October 2019 Meeting

    • Approve Liquor License for Granda Bar and Grill.
    • Approve cigarette licenses for Bar and C Store.
    • Mike Grotte willing donate a POW Flag and Pole.
    • Mike and Chelsea Hinz. City responsibility for damages due to Permits issued by City for Neighbor property.
    • Over billing for sheeting City Hall.
A special meeting was called Sept 11th, 2019.  Designated verbally as Annual Audit Report and multi hour boring meeting. Other business was done including the following:
    • Approve repaying Ken Felion for Air conditioner.
    • Adopt resolution allowing the city to have insurance companies withhold 25% of the final settlement or 25% of actual cash value.
    • Budget for 2020
    • Set levy at 3%.
    • Withhold 1/2 payment to Jonathan Weerts for missing patches.
    • Rise in water and sewer rates.
Note the public was not aware of this meeting or that these items would be discussed.  No oversight by the public was done so confirmation of the agenda is not possible.  Other discussion may have occurred.
  • 09-11-19 Special Meeting             September 2019 Meeting*

    • Motion to repay Ken Felion.
    • Update Resolution for Insurance withhold of 25%.
    • Payments for Claim originating from tornado damage.
    • Jonathan Weerts road patches.
    • Brook Swart with Holmberg CPA’s audit and budget.
  • SEP-04-19 Meeting            September 2019 Meeting

    • Butch & Kay Rowan regarding sewer pipe damage.
    • Old Street Signs?
    • Review resolution for insurance withhold on damaged properties.
    • Pay Pearson for Seal coating. 
    • Signage for City Hall.
    • Tornado Volunteer Appreciation Event.
  •  Missing             August 2019 Meeting

  • 07-03-19 Meeting             July 2019 Meeting

    • Prepared statement from Larry Cain about the 14 day notice at meetings.
    • Dan Kruse about 312 S. Main ST property.
    • Jonathan Weerts about Street Repair.
    • Travis Winters drainage findings.
    • Discuss: Butch Rowan’s collapsed tile and Brockmann’s alfalfa loss. Look over easement.
    • Discuss: bids for siren grant.
    • Discuss: Street signs.
    • Approve motion to pay Tom Finke Bill for removal of 312 S. Main St.
    • Approval to pay DVD Training video in the amount of $2,294.73.
  • 06-04-19 Meeting           June 2019 Meeting

    • Approved Motion for a 14 day prior notice for public to address the council at meetings.
    • Approved Motion to pay over estimate to Hill Site Care for burning trees from tornado.
    • Discuss recycled concrete on all alleys.
    • Donation to Center Creek Cemetery. Yearly donation.
    • Approved Motion for liquor license for HOG Roast June 22nd.


  • 11-14-18 Special Meeting           November 2018 Meeting*

    • Adopt Social Host Ordinance No. 2018-01.
    • Ordinance No. 2018-10 to certify delinquent water, sewer, & other unpaid charges for collection with taxes.
    • Service charges for delinquent Water on:
      • Rosi Mortenson
      • Darla Parsons
      • David McCullough
      • Warren & Barb Landin
    • Discussed Tornado Relief.